American Sungrown

“A cigar good enough to bring a blogger out of retirement!”

Alec Bradley American Sun Grown

The Alec Bradley American Sun Grown is essentially a perfectly executed cigar. Its band is attractive enough to catch your eye and say “Try me, I’m new!”, but unrequited enough to say “Not just a marketing gimmick”. And if that’s not enough for a talking cigar, its price point (around $5.00 for a Robusto) screams “Why the heck not?”.

I arrived back in the States from a month long vacation in Europe to find the cigar cupboard was bare. I stopped by the closest cigar store in town and immediately picked up the Alec Bradley American Sun Grown. I hadn’t read, or heard, anything about the cigar, so I was going off pure raw instinct. I wasen’t really expecting much, and to be perfectly honest, after smoking a Cuban a day (sometimes more) for a month straight, my palate was pretty shot.

What I found in this little gem was a smooth, flavorful, spicy and satisfying smoke. I immediately said to myself, could I have just stumbled upon the best cigar I had smoked all month? Could this 5 dollar cigar from ‘wherever’ be better than all those Limited Edition Cubans I had just smoked?

It turns out the Alec Bradley American Sun Grown is a Nicaraguan Puro, meaning it’s entirely made from Nicaraguan Tobacco. It’s key point being its Sun Grown Wrapper from the Estelli region.

The foot of the cigar smells of hay, berries and molasses, while the center of the wrapper had a distinctive scent of mint.

Upon lighting the cigar I was greeted by slight notes of white pepper, a grassy earthy core, some toasted wood, and a red grape finish.

The center of the cigar transformed into a delicious combination of leather and cocoa, with intermittent bursts of mint.

The final third of the cigar exhibited a dark chocolate and leather profile, along with espresso flavors, and a red pepper spice.

The Alec Bradley American Sun Grown is a phenomenal cigar, and a tremendous value, easily worth double or triple the asking price. Alec Bradley, who’s Prensado was recently named Cigar Aficionados Cigar of the Year, has become a powerhouse in the Cigar Industry, which allows them the flexibility to further market their brand with a fantastic smoke like this, for a very low price. It reminds me of software companies who give their products away for free in order to quickly gain market share, and attract new customers.

The ultimate winner in this scenario is you, the cigar smoker, who gets a fantastic cigar, 93 points (IMHO), at an insanely affordable price. Not only that, but it brought one of your favorite cigar bloggers back to the web! :)

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