Who's the best?

Best of France
vs. Best of Cuba

Best of France vs. Best of Cuba

I was working out of our UK office earlier this summer, when I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker at a pub over a pint. We were discussing the quality of French food, and he, being French, let me in on a little secret.

“Every other country in the world exports their best food, but not in France. We keep all the best, and we export the shit!”.

I was quite shocked, and a bit amused, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. It explains why you can grab a baguette and a $5.00 bottle of wine anywhere in France, and it’s the best bread and wine you have ever had.

After London I went to Paris and when shopping in the supermarket I came across a huge selection of Rose Wines, and I said to myself, it was the largest selection of Rose’s I had ever seen. I noticed they were all quite affordable and I wondered how they could sell them all so cheap? Then I remembered the secret, they “keep all the best, and export all the shit”. Well, that explained everything. Also, at first, I thought I would pay way too much to smoke cigars there and since I'm not smoking cigarettes, I wanted to try something else. A fellow coworker introduced me to the e-cigarette. Well, I have to say that even if the pen in itself feels a little weird, I had so much fun with all the flavors and was amazed by the big smoke I could exhale. 

That said, about Cuba. Cuba has an amazing product too, Cigars, and for many years you could only pick up the Cohiba 1966 in Cuba, as a gift from the Cuban Government. However, this year they have released the Cohiba 1966 has an Edición Limitada, allowing a prized national possession to be exported, for the first time.

The Cohiba 1966 Edición Limitada 2011, released to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Cohiba brand, is truly an outstanding cigar. It’s a double robusto with a pig tail cap, and like all Edición Limitada’s, it’s made with the finest tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. All the tobacco used; wrapper, binder and filler, are aged at least 2 years, and it’s specially grown dark and flavorful wrapper comes from the top of the shade grown black Cuban tobacco plant called Tapado.

The Cohiba 1966 Edición Limitada 2011 starts off with deep rich cocoa flavors, that are soon joined by a touch of cedar wood and sweet hay. I also noted nutmeg and walnut in the background, with a dash of white pepper on the finish.

The center of the cigar was a wonderful combination of chewy and leathery flavors consisting of sweet hay, floral notes, rich esspreso, and that classic Cohiba grassy quality with some sharp tanginess. The smokey aroma is quite intoxicating, like a floral perfume. I wish you could catch and bottle the smoke. It’s that good!

The final third of the cigar exhibited a continuation of the wonderful flavors with the grassy Cohiba notes and overall strength increasing. There was also a noticeable saltiness on the tongue and lips.

Overall the Cohiba 1966 Edición Limitada 2011 was phenomenal, and one of my favorite all time smokes. I paired it with a nice bottle of Rose from the Côtes De Provence region, and so I experienced the best of France & Cuba together in perfect harmony. I could honestly smoke one of these everyday, and I wish I had purchased a box of 10, but alas, I just have my memoir of this fabulous cigar, with a classic rating of 98 points!

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