Montecristo “A” 

& Chimay Grande Réserve

"The Story of Baby Huey"

Montecristo "A" & Chimay Grande Réserve

There once was a man named Howard, who drove a big yellow work van and installed Hardwood Floors for a living. One year for Halloween the 350+ pound Howard came over our house dressed in only a diaper, and carried a baby bottle filled with beer. Everyone called him Baby Huey, and the name stuck. From then on he was always known as Baby Huey in our house.

As a kid, of all my Dad’s friends, Baby Huey was my favorite. The man was the strongest I had ever seen, and he could rip through an entire telephone book with his bare hands! I’m serious! He would fold the book up so that it was twice as thick, he would wrap his massive hands around the sides of the book, and slowly tear the book in half. Needless to say we never had a phone book around our house for very long.

One year my Dad took me on a fishing trip up to the Delta with Baby Huey. We went out on the boat and stopped in a cove with some fallen down trees near a long bridge. I remember watching a train go over the bridge and counting over 150 cars before loosing interest. As we were preparing the fishing poles Baby Huey took a huge piece of chicken liver and wrapped it around his hook. I said “isn’t that too much bait?”, to which Baby Huey famously replied “Big Bait, Big Hook, Big Fish!”.

I guess Baby Huey was right, because we came across a school of catfish and had the best day of fishing in my entire life. We must have caught close to 25 catfish in under an hour. It seemed like as soon as the bait hit the water, you would have a fish on the hook and have to reel him in and bait up again. One fish was so big it literally snapped my pole in half as it went under the boat! I then graduated to a full size adult pole from that day forward. A pole with a big hook.

The Montecristo “A” had me hook, line and sinker. Add a massive bottle of Chimay Blue to the mix, and I was as helpless as a fish out of water.

If you haven’t yet smoked a Montecristo “A”, you are missing out on one of the finest smoking experiences imaginable. Launched in 1971, the Montecristo “A” was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the Most Expensive Cigar in the World.

At 9.2 inches long, the “A” is a 2 to 3 hour smoke, but the experience is so magical, the time will go by much too fast. Soft and supple flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg, plum and raisin immediately notify your palate that you are dealing with a masterpiece from the very first puff. The cigar also exhibits a creamy herbaceous finesse that is quite remarkable. Honey sweet cedar wood is sprinkled with white pepper spice for the connoisseur’s delight. And that is just in the first third. First Third = 100 Points.

Honestly, the format of the Montecristo “A” is the real hero. It essentially stretches out the flavors over time, so that each flavor can stand on its own for several minutes, rather than smoking them all at once, as with a smaller cigar. This allows you to truly savor each amazing flavor with full focus, while bathing the smoker in intoxicating aromas.

The start of the 2nd third is marked with the amazing experience of pure vanilla bean. Flavors of roasted coffee and then sweet hay soon follow. The very center of the cigar is laden with dark rich chocolate for a mouth watering experience. Bread soaked in honey followed by sweet cedar wood and elegant white pepper spice with an amazing aroma. Second Third = 100 Points.

The final third was slightly heavier with a leathery texture. I noted some red pepper, earth and honeyed wood. Roasted coffee, bitter dark chocolate, and sweet cedar wood with a long finish. While still an outstanding smoke, the final third was not as elegant as the rest of the cigar. Final Third = 98 Points.

The Montecristo “A” is impeccably constructed, the ultimate in refinement, and the pinnacle of elegance and finesse. The presentation is as spectacular as any cigar could be; coming in its own private cigar coffin revealing a gorgeous Montecristo. The burn was perfect and the draw with just a touch of resistance. The flavors were truly outstanding, with the final third a touch heavier then the rest of the cigar. I would have to rate this cigar at 100 points for the first 2 thirds, and at 98 points for the final third due to the heavier flavors, for a final overall score of 99 points, but for a $100 cigar, the experience was priceless.

Montecristo A - Cigar Review