Double Corona

Punch Double Corona

Before I get to the full review, there are some important facts to note about the Punch Double Corona:
-Most aficionados rate this cigar as one of their favorites to age for at least 10 years. A young cigar will have under developed flavors and a touch of strength. A mid aged cigar may enter into a vacuum period, where the flavors are almost non-existent in the first half of the cigar. A fully aged cigar will exhibit a refined smoking experience that is complex and rewarding. The aging process has intense effect on these cigars, perhaps more than any other habanos.
-A fully aged Punch will exhibit a classic flavor throughout the cigar that is rich, soft and elegant. The cigar smoker is enveloped in a cocoon of smooth and creamy smoke, with flavors of toasted cedar wood, rich cocoa and a dried flowers.
-These cigars are so elegant, you really must sit back and relax to fully savor all of its flavors. If you were walking the dogs or playing golf while smoking, you would likely miss much of what this cigar has to offer, as it’s rich and rewarding flavors are very subtle, and require a keen palette and ample attention to fully appreciate.
-One of the most unique aspects of this cigar is its silky smooth mouthfeel. The smoke coats your mouth like a fine red wine. This texture is unique to the Punch brand of cigars, and most prominent in the double corona size.

The Punch Double Corona I smoked today is just short of fully aged at about 8 years. Therefore the first third was very light in flavor, the middle third was mild to medium, and the final third was brimming with flavor.

The Punch Double Corona had pre-light flavors of cedar and hay.

The first third was extremely light, with faint flavors of toasted wood, coffee and a hint of mint. Flavors of nutmeg and light cedar, with a herbaceous aroma, also appeared toward the end of the first third.

The second third exhibited subtle notes of dark fruits, with a vanilla sweet spot in the very center of the cigar.

The final third increased dramatically in overall flavor, and provided a bouquet of dried flowers, rich cocoa, roasted nuts, dark fruits, sweet caramel and toasted wood flavors. Delicious!!! :)

The Punch Double Corona teases the smoker for the first third, before it’s aphrodisiac flavors of vanilla and dark fruit awaken your senses at the midway point. It then settles into a sensual smoking experience that will have you holding on until the sweet flavors burn your lips.

Hard to live with (aging), and hard to live without (smoking), the Punch Double Corona is a Cigar Conoiseurs dream.

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