Romeo y Julieta

Short Churchill

Romeo y Julieta - Short Churchill

We just received our latest delivery of Cubans complete with Partagas, Hoyo De Monterrey, and two types of Romeo y Julietas. I was able to wait about 3 whole hours before firing one of these new Cubans up on a dark and rainy night in California. I chose the highest rated of the group, the 94 point rated Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill.

The Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill is the highest rated Cuban, beating out the H. Upmann Sir Winston by 1 spot. I now can claim to have smoked all of the top 25 rated cigars! I completed my yearly task just in time, as the new list comes out soon.

The Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill is a perfect sized full bodied smoke. It’s a full flavored smoke that is very well balanced so that it never becomes too strong. The first puff revealed subtle leather and wood notes. The cigar then added some light cocoa, and toward the middle became full bodied. The end of the cigar maintained the full flavor with a slight twist of citrus which was only barely noticable. I have to say the most striking element of the cigar was it’s ability to stay perfectly balanced, so that you could keep it in your mouth while cigar blogging (if your into that sort of thing) without it ever becoming too strong. It was a perfectly balanced cigar, which is quite a feat for a 94 point rated Cuban.

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